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日本の学校の先生方へ blow window from New Zealand with love  ニュジーの風

To all educators, school teachers of Japan
I write to you by my poor English.

I am in Palmerston North, New Zealand now. I am on a big farm that reaches the horizon.
While children are going to the elementary school in the city I go to the deck at the pick-up time and looking at the parents and son of the cow, I think this and that.
It took some time to switch between English and Japanese. The brain's use in the head may be different.

I looked at the educational system and the environment that nurture teachers at elementary schools in Japan to develop the ability to learn with their own interests,cultivate the sensitivity, creativity and autonomy of children here, and see something I want to feel it.
Although there are some curriculum which must be made common, each teacher chooses today's teaching materials such as what is good for children and what kind of things are good for their own judgment and the teacher voluntarily as an educator I got to know the wonderful thing about having an environment where I can do the work, from returning to Japan

I sent this to the Japanese schools and teachers from here, and the teacher who saw this, if the time is vaguely flowing while feeling some doubts as a teacher,contact me by all means Please give me.
Many training professionals sell overseas training which is not a necessary training as an educator but a profit as a travel agent, but in a universal visit during the "journey" its real aim is It is not something to understand.

My old friends who worked as a principal for a long time at a school in the prefecture's long-term overseas faculty training, and the situation in which I was doing, what I was doing, the situation that is being placed is too different I am disappointed and disappointed so much, I work hardfor a while after working for my life, I am retiring from work, I am spending my own expenses and talking about this big difference and I am trying to listen even the officials I was mourning that few people would do...)

Speaking of overseas training, you tend to think that there are many hurdles such as expenses and permission, but that's not the case.
If I ask for it, if I find myself trying to change, I can do something if I try to change it.
It is a big difference from talking, books, television and news, that it is different from that you know with your head, actually seeing and touching with your own eyes.
It is different from that of overseas travel agencies, here is what I really have to learn as a person engaged in education.

If your position towards your children is serious, please contact me by all means.
Here is the work environment where you can exercise the educational environment you are seeking and the power as a teacher (educator) and you can learn. And how you change yourself afterwards is up to you, but ...
Feel something in this thing by myself, touch it with that eyes, feel it touching it, feel it touching with it, feeling something by myself, feeling touching it and feeling it, if it comes back, little feelings, values, autonomy etc. of Japanese children and teacher change little by little from around you, I guess.

That may lead to a big change in Japan in the future.
In hopes of that, I will send "faint wind" from the Palmerston North in New Zealand to all teachers at Japanese schools here.



Blowthe window from New Zealand with love

私は今 ニュージーランド・パーマーストンノースの地平線まで届く大きな農場にいます。

















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